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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – MidCentury Modern Volume 3

277356233_4750043115094698_301537955521861180_nWhile Denver Colorado born trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach‘s album Open Invitation (2014) is settled in the smooth jazz genre, his albums MidCentury Modern Volume 1 (2018) and MidCentury Modern Volume 2 (2019) are walking the jazz way. With Tongue & Groove (2021) Gabriel Mark returned to the smooth jazz realm.

Now he offers again contemporary jazz with MidCentury Modern Volume 3.  The album follows in the footsteps of the prior two MCM volumes but takes a decidedly different turn into fiery organ combo territory, going head-to-head with the trumpet/organ sound of Joey DeFrancesco. Gabriel’s working combo features himself on trumpet, the fleet fingered Jason DeCouto on organ/bass, the snappy Nick Bracewell on drums, and the mellifluous John Lee on guitar. Gabriel starts with a dynamic deep-dive into a few smart originals and mid century gems, and then switches up personnel and adds his flute, flugelhorn, and ‘bone, for some underutilized but timeless classics.

Stream the album here.