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Patrick Yandall – Stratophunk

stratophunkGuitarist Patrick Yandall is a proactive musician who still has his focus on music production. He is one of those musicians who promote a new album every year. This year he delights us with the album Stratophunk (2022).

It is easy to imagine from which parts of words the title has taken its origin. The Stratocaster is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top “horn” shape for balance produced by Fender since 1954. Phunk is a mixture of Punk and Funk that originally described a form of Punk, but is now common as an urban spelling of Funk.

Patrick has performed all instruments, mixed and recorded the tracks, which he has mostly written himself. The album opens with the title song which is also the first single release. A robust funky piece of music with plenty of brass support and heavy bass and guitar action.

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