496 West – Rules of Engagement

a2768783764_16The year 2012 began with 496 West putting their fingerprints on a self-titled debut CD project that articulates contemporary jazz. The connection between popular music, the soul of jazz and feeling the notes is all a part of what listeners have come to enjoy from the instrumental side of 496 West.

496 West connects somewhere between contemporary jazz, R&B, soul, a sprinkling of the blues and of course, gospel jazz. The band’s versatility is evident in many different formations that include, trio, quintet, octet, a full dance band – up to a full compliment of (14) fourteen Musicians studying and teaching the jazz art form are often part of the performance and outstanding vocalists compliment the mood with entertaining, dynamic and soulful harmonies.

Their new album is Rules of Engagement (2022). Buy the album at bandcamp.

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