Chris Standring – Simple Things

simplethingsA few years ago I attended a festival where jazz guitarist Chris Standring was playing with Bob James. In a casual conversation after the concert, I asked Chris if he could imagine to join Fourplay as the new guitarist. Sometimes dreams don’t come true. However, the question illustrates my appreciation for his music, which can easily compete in quality with that of guitarists Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton or Chuck Loeb.

Well, as you can see from the numerous reviews of his albums, I have followed his musical career with great attention, because I consider him one of the great guitarists of our century. His new album Simple Things will be released on May 22, 2022 and Chris has just presented to the audience the first video titled Change The World.

After the passing of Chuck Loeb, which came as a surprise to me, one appreciates the music and creativity of any good musician. In the liner notes, Chris reveals to us that despite a healthy lifestyle, he had suffered a heart attack shortly before the recording of the new album began in March 2021. In view of the current situation with the pandemic and the imminent danger of a new nuclear world war, one is only made aware of the fragility of one’s own life. If it is then such a personal incisive experience, as it happened to Chris, you begin to weigh one’ s life and ask, what is important for me?

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