Paul Hardcastle – X (The Eclipse)

hardcastlexIt is not easy to keep an overview of Paul Hardcastle‘s complete works. His high profile came from such tracks as King Tut19Just For Money or Rainforest. But also popular are his series like Kiss the Sky, The Jazzmasters, The Chill Lounge and Paul Hardcastle. The latter now undergoes an update with the 10th album that bears the appropriate name X (The Eclipse).

As with his previous productions, the multi-instrumentalist relies on his own admittedly considerable skills. Two saxophonists assisted him on his recordings, Rock Hendricks, who has already played on many of his albums, and his son, Paul Hardcastle Jr. who has been featured on Paul’s The Jazzmasters series.

To put it in a nutshell, Paul Hardcastle remains true to his thoroughly familiar style on his new album. Why should he change it? The album’s opener Wavelength was released as the album’s appetizer back in January and was gratefully received by critics. Paul rummages through his ample fleet of keyboard sounds and samples, with a beautifully played trumpet standing out as the solo instrument.

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