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Demetrius Nabors – Perseverance

PerseverancePianist, composer, producer and arranger Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors has a reputation of being very well-known in the Detroit music sector. It is high time that his level of awareness also rises nationwide. The albums The Journey Within Part I (2011), Christmas with Krayon (2012) and The Journey Within Part II (2014) have been released by him so far. His newest project is Perseverance (2021).

It’s no coincidence that the album is titled Perseverance. Demetrius had to overcome numerous personal adversities during the pandemic, and the general living conditions such as racial oppression and police violence were not exactly conducive to his development. However, the completion of his new album illustrates his staying power.

Numerous musician friends have supported him in realizing his musical dream. The extensive list is noted in the credits. I hope the musicians involved will forgive me if I don’t mention everyone in detail. Most of the songs are penned by Demetrius, some with the participation of other musicians. The album also includes a cover version of Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed.

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