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Noteworthy Band – Sweet Breeze

814ms8XKn9L._SS500_As the house band for the Napa Blue Note, these 4 Stellar musicians were bought together to play behind all the local acts that showed up to play at the Napa Blue Note. They developed a love for one another and their jams turned into songs. After a while they realized they couldn’t survive without any music. And so started getting together to jam (socially distanced of course). These sessions evolved into song writing sessions and before long they had a collection of great tunes.

The result is an eclectic group of songs featuring smooth jazz, fusion and even some good ole rock and roll. The Noteworthy Band and their new CD came out in 2021. These 4 musician have a love and respect for one another that translates into great music.

Ask the band for a physical copy here.