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Marcin Nowakowski – Next Level

next-level-w-iext88156036For years I have been reviewing the CDs of the Polish saxophonist Marcin Nowakowski for Marcin not only plays the sax, but also flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, harmonica and electric wind instrument – EEMCS.

He started his musical education in the Music School. W. Lutoslawski in Pruszkow. He then went on to study at J. Elsner’s Secondary School of Music in Warsaw. Because he could play the bassoon well, he continued at the jazz department of the secondary music school. F. Chopin in Warsaw.

Marcin founded the band Whoops, after which he played in the group Woobie Doobie. He was active in various music genres such as hip-hop, country, film music and jazz.

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