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The New Guitar Underground – Volume One

270309826_4473723002726712_628330307794745433_nJean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick is a British guitarist, bandleader, composer, and record producer. He’s led the British bandIncognito, since its formation in 1979, and was a founding member of Light of the World & Freeez. He is also the leader of Citrus Sun. In March 2013, Bluey released his first-ever solo album, Leap of Faith, he has since followed up in 2015, aptly entitled Life Between the Notes.

Bluey comments: “AS BAND LEADER and guitarist of Incognito and Citrus Sun, it gives me great pleasure to share with you this new collaborative project between the band’s Portuguese Lead guitarist Francisco Sales (A solo artist in his own right) and I. We are The New Guitar Underground.”

The album will be released January 22, 2022 on bandcamp.