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Skyline – City Silhouette

269843283_4451372174961795_5450417127421929735_nFounded in 2003, Skyline is one of the most renowned Jazz Fusion bands in Taiwan. Its music covers genres like Jazz, Funk, Latin, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock and World Music. Embracing influences from Jazz masters in U.S., Japan, Latin America and Europe, the band is committed to creating their original music by combining western elements with local cultures for an unique fusion style. As the name indicates, Skyline’s music boasts a distinctive metropolitan style and strong urban focus. The band also seeks to inject greater musical richness and cultural depth into the production to create some truly unique Jazz Fusion tunes.

In 2013, Skyline launched “Alchemy”, its 10th Anniversary Tour, and created great resonance among fans. Thus the band decided to release its debut album “City Glide” in 2014. Since the album launched, Skyline has received wide acclaim from home and abroad for its diverse music elements and mature urban Jazz style. Following its debut success, Skyline released its second studio album “City Colors” in 2016. Extending the concept of its first album “silhouette of the city”, the band created this sophisticated and melodic production rich in delicate musical arrangements and remarkable depth. Jazz virtuosos Gerald Albright, Paul Jackson Jr., Alain Caron are all featured in the production. In the same year, Skyline went on an Asia tour with 20 concerts in a total of 12 cities in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and released its first live album and DVD/BD “2016 Asia Tour Live” in 2017.

Skyline released its third studio album “City Explorations” in 2018 – a breakthrough album marking the band’s 15th anniversary blending Jazz, classical and world music, containing the music elements such as traditional Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European (Middle Age), Flamingo, Tango, Latin, Chill-out, Also, the band partnered with Taipei Symphony Orchestra (TSO POPS) and classical-crossover music master Joe Che-Yi Lee to begin a groundbreaking “Symphojazz” tour blending Jazz with symphony orchestra in major concert halls around Taiwan, embarking an unprecedented music journey featuring original jazz, classical and world music. Right after the tour, the band released its 2nd live album and DVD/BD “Symphojazz”. The album is nominated as “Best Crossover Album of the Year” by Golden Melody Award (GMA) for Traditional Arts and Music and won “Live Performance Album” by U.S. Independent Music Awards (IMAs).

To fully convey this album’s concept and techniques, Skyline invited the best of jazz fusion: members of the Corea Elektric Band (saxophonist Eric Marienthal and guitarist Frank Gambale) and quintessential master musicians from GRP (jazz drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and bassist Abraham Laboriel) along with other musicians. Their goal was to produce a high standard and exquisite jazz performance album that has international impact.

With the same impetus they now have produced their newest album City Silhouette (2021) feat. Frank Gambale, Abraham Laboriel, Eric Marienthal, and Vinnie Colaiuta. Available on all major digital platforms.