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Daryl Beebe – The Gift

TheGiftDaryl Beebe grew up with a musical pedigree. His father was a musician and composer who earned a degree in music and taught music in the Detroit Public Schools. He exposed Daryl to several instruments but the saxophone drew his interest the most. At age 16, Daryl and his friends formed a band called “Jelly” and performed in school talent shows, coffee houses and local parties. It was great stage training for him. In high school, Daryl played in the Marching Band, Symphony Band and Jazz Band and studied Music Theory. It all paid off as he earned a full music scholarship to Kentucky State University where he participated in the Marching, Concert and Jazz bands and developed skills as a musician, songwriter and producer.

Daryl next moved on to The University of Cincinnati where he earned Master of Arts and Master of Education degrees. In his first effort as a professional music producer in 2002, Daryl joined a longtime music friend to release a Gospel album entitled, “The Covenant Project.” He followed that up in 2010 with a second album entitled, “Called.”

In 2016, Daryl released his first solo project called “Sonny Side Up” This were followed up by “The Daryl Beebe Project’ in 2018 and “Breathe” in 2020. While his recordings have primarily focused on Gospel music, Daryl’s live stage performances have flourished in the Jazz realm where he has built a strong brand for himself. His next album was Better Together (2021). Now he is back with his new effort, the EP The Gift (2021).

The EP is available on all major digital platforms.