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Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion – Groove Jazz N Chill #8

gjnc8Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is by far the most prolific musician of the smooth jazz genre. Most recently residing in Heiligenhaus, Germany, the circumstances of the Corona pandemic prompted him to move back to his homeland, Ukraine. The possibilities of development as a musician had deteriorated to such an extent that he now took this step.

He hopes to move into a house near Kiev next year and build a new studio there to continue his successful productions. Still from his period in Germany comes the album Groove Jazz N Chill #8, which was created in the series Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion. As usual Konstantin has written, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered all tracks.

Doesn’t man look for what is beautiful and worthy of praise? If you can’t achieve it in life, however, it can be realized in your dreams. Konstantin has written his own anthem for you with True Dreams, understand it as a musical accompaniment.

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