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Prez – Family Portrait

FamilyPortraitPrez is a multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter who embraces a wide variety of influences. From the Earth, Wind & Fire inspired “I Wanna Be With You” to the Sly Stone vibe of “Sing My Song” or the psychedelic sound of Just 4 You that has a hint of Prince to it, Prez packs a lot of history into his music. He explains” As musicians, we are really just a product of the music that we listen to and grew up on. I happen to love the older stuff. Music that some of the older cats turned me onto.” There was so much feeling and soul in those tunes that I would spend my career just trying to write and produce music that made me feel the same way.” Prez goes on to say, “There are two things that I would like my music to do to people. I want to make them smile and give them something positive to think about.” To do this he had to do things his own way. “I wasn’t really interested in singing about what everyone else was singing about. I was writing about “Bluebirds and Butterflies” and how “Everybody wants to Be Free” instead of going out to the club and hooking up with someone.”

Prez’s quest to measure up to those that came before him (Sly, Stevie, EW&F, Prince, The Beatles, Lenny Kravitz) has taken him on a fantastic journey through the music industry. “My first recording session was for reggae artists that would come up to NY and record in a studio that my bass player owned. Then I would get calls to do some Freestyle music for artists that were coming out of the Bronx. Next I started getting calls  for hip hop sessions. I was still in high school and attending the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music to study jazz and classical music. I had decided that I wanted to work with famous people so I started networking and auditioning as much as I could and playing as many gigs as possible.”

Little by little things started to pay off. Soon Prez found himself attending open call for musicians to go out on tour with well known recording artists. “To me, it just felt as if it were just a matter of time before someone said yes and I got the gig.” Finally someone did say yes and Prez’s career as a side musician began. “It was cool travelling all over the place and meeting new people, but the biggest blast was getting up on that stage in front of all of those people to play some music!” Continue reading