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Palomino Duck – Smooth Flight

SmoothFlightWhat an interesting name! Where did it come from? What is a Palomino Duck?

The musical idea was conceived by Atlanta composer and producer Tim McCabe. With over 25 years of music production experience, McCabe put out the word to other composer/ producers that he had a new concept. His parameters were quite clear “Give me the best song you’ve ever written …strong melody … well structured . .. one with radio, TV & film potential as well as something the everyday person would enjoy listening to. McCabe coined the phrase “cinemusic” as the one word that best describes the compositions he has assembled.

He, and his engineer/ co-producer Ron Cristopher, listened to over a hundred original songs before settling on the final selections. “First Flight” focuses on the songs. “There is a tremendous void in the music of today” says McCabe. “Where are the great and lasting songs going to come from?” The initial acceptance of Palomino Duck would indicate that McCabe has found the answer. He has already begun work on follow-up albums “Classical Flight”, “Jazz Flight” and “Free Flight.” Meanwhile, McCabe and the rest of the performing group are currently rehearsing for their forthcoming concert tour.
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