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Artur Bayramgalin – All Day Long

23376144_1968498419833651_8615300063443447547_nRussian guitarist Artur Bayramgalin has already created some gems of smooth jazz. To mention are Interro Island (2009), Electric Breezz (2010), Perfect Day (2014), and My Seasons (2015). His album Let’s Talk (2017) was released on the German Lemongrassmusic sub-label Lemon Jazz Records. On this label he has also released his albums Jazz Hop and Jazz Hop2.

Alongside a highly capable and beautifully versatile team Artur Bayramgalin presents now his EP All day long (2021) on the label Karmaloft Music. Smooth beats, jazzy and slightly funked arrangements, buzzy bass notes (Alexander Kartashov – bass) carefully acted vocals (Alina Aminova; Prudent, Gulnaz Fathlislamova) and a number of expertly recited solos (Ridal Dias – sax; Artur Gimaev – tp; Margarita Dubrovsky – va) make for a genuinely authentic EP. Enjoy!

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