Reggie Codrington – RCL

254082124_4282844591814555_2972266230003141369_nLike a lot of veteran artists who have taken many recordings to break through, Reggie Codrington has survived his share of disappointments in the music industry, even as he’s made a living performing for many years. That commitment to overcoming obstacles stems from the difficulties in his childhood dealing with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy (ACP), a chronic condition that affects muscle coordination and depth perception. Receiving a curved soprano sax on his 18th birthday led to a major transformation, offering a comfortable way to play that he had not previously experienced. “Something magical happened, and I knew I had found my niche,” he says. “I fell in love.”

Among others Codrington has released the albums Vicarious Experience (2012), Journey Back Home (2012), Expressions (2013), Never Let You Go (2013), Always In Motion (2015), and Against The Odds (2017). His newest project is the EP RCL (2021) recommended by Soichiro Ito.

Ask Reggie for a physical copy on his website.

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