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FunCOOLio – VOL.2

a0556912370_16FunCOOLio is a creative union of like-minded persons – guitarist George Panfilov, drummer Juri Osipovich, bass guitarist Denis Gradalev, saxophone player Fred Hormain and organist Vladimir Tuzov. With this line-up, FunCOOLio has been successfully performing on stage for last ten years. It is best to listen to the ensemble live, but their second studio album perfectly conveys the energy of the live performances.

VOL2. is second studio album by FunCOOLio. The authors of the compositions on the album “VOL.2” are guitarist George Panfilov and bass guitarist Denis Gradalev. The material for the album was prepared during live performances and supplemented with new ideas, ripening for studio recording. Jazz musicians and friends of the band from Latvia, Estonia/Germany, France and Great Britain took part in the creation of the album. Each of the musicians on the release managed to put something of their own in the initial idea, fill it with personal experience.

The new album is on sale at bandcamp.