Hidden Symetry – Some Days

61YZUKWJnqL._SS500_Hidden Symmetry is a crossover mix of smooth jazz, jazz-rock-fusion & symphonic music written, produced by Carl Eichman. Carl hails from St. Clair Shores, MI, studied guitar & French horn along with composition, scoring & big band jazz performance.

At 18 he started performing professionally at clubs around the Detroit area later touring as guitarist & arranger in top booked acts around the U.S. & Canada.

‘Some Days’ features internet collaborations recorded by Maurizio Antonini: drums, Gernot Dechert: sax, Bill Lawrence, Melisa Dopazo, Brandon Meeks: bass, Kyle Whitlock, Luca Cacucciolo: keyboards, Daniele Raciti, Marco Piazzolla, Álvaro Soto Gutiérrez: guitar and Luckers: trumpet

The album is available on Amazon.com.

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