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Hank Bilal – The Black Aquarius

AquariusColumbia, SC based trombonist and educator, Hank Bilal, has shared a platform with great artists such as Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Gerald Albright, and many more. The path to his career in jazz actually begin in his birth city of Winnsboro, SC where his home was filled with gospel music by the likes of The Canton Spirituals, Mississippi Mass Choir, John Pee Kee and the The Winans! At this time Hank was introduced to music as he shares “in church I started off on the youth choir. I watched the church band and the other musicians around me. Also my uncles played instruments and my dad played drums professionally”! During the next few years Hank majored in music at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina where he graduated in music performance. “Soon after I gigged around town with various bands.” says Hank. International recording artist Bilal, plays the trombone as a forefront instrument, rendering a unique melodic sound to listeners. The artist performs several different genres on the trombone such as Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, and more! His newest project is The Black Aquarius (2019). Get the album here.