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Peter Welker – Sidemen

sidemen-cover-artPeter Welker, the only child of parents who were both working jazz musicians in New York and Boston, first picked up the trumpet at the age of nine. He credits his mother as being the major influence on his life and music career. “She really inspired me,” Welker said. “Born blind, she sang on the coast-to-coast Camel Caravan show with Al Pearce and His Gang from 1935 to 1939.” After studying at Berklee College of Music, Welker moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. He led a sextet which was the house band at the famed Jazz Workshop in North Beach from 1961 to 1965 and featured piano player George Duke.

“Oh man, I’ve played with hundreds of bands over the years,” he says, quickly adding, with a huge smile, “I’ve never actually tried to sit down and count how many. Dozens of bands. And hundreds of players. I’ve played with a lot of great people. But I’ve honestly never been as excited to play with a group of folks as I am about the guys in my current band, The Sidemen. It’s the best band I’ve ever put together.”

The Sidemen are drummer Todd Tribble, bassist Cliff Hugo, saxophonist Steve Steinberg, keyboardist Ruben Valtierra and guitarist Morris Acevedo. Every one is a hardworking session player, having performed with scores of major names over the years.

Sidemen is also the title of their new album released in August, 2021 on Summit Records.

Purchase the album here.