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Tito Hinojosa – Sax For All Vol. II

SaxForAllTito Hinojosa was born on May 11, 1987 in the city of San Luis Potosí (Mexico) belonging to a family of musicians for several generations. Tito has an incredible innate talent to understand music naturally, which has generated an incredible career with international projection that grows by leaps and bounds every day. His vision is clearly influenced by great American and Latino musicians.

He has been pursuing his university studies in the area of ​​Mechatronics engineering at the Technological Institute of San Luis Potosí Mexico, inspiring him to carry out scientific and mathematical research on music in general. The above factors motivated him to develop a modern and avant-garde teaching system that competes in many ways with any prestigious modern music school in the world, winning awards and accolades at Spanish universities and gaining massive international acceptance in terms of pedagogy.

His newest project is Sax For All Vol. II available on all digital platforms.