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Marcin Nowakowski – Next Level

next-level-w-iext88156036Although located in Poland saxophonist Marcin Nowakowski successfully spreads the word respectively his music around the world. Milestones of his solo career are the albums Smooth Night (2005),  Better Days (2009) and Shine (2011). Now he returns with his new project Next Level (2021).

Next Level is produced by Grammy winner Jeff Lorber, and the album features cream of California session musicians: Nathan East, John JR Robinson, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Novak, Michael Thompson and Paul Jackson Jr. Special guest of the album is Kuba Badach, who sang the song entitled “Na rosy” produced by the Swiss producer Urs Wiesendanger, for which the text was written by Aleksandra Kwaśniewska.

According to Marek Niedźwiecki, who has been promoting Marcin’s music for years, the Next Level album is the best and most important in his career. The saxophonist himself says “this album is for me a transition to the next level of conscious playing, appreciation of every note placed and a huge progress in playing technique. The greatest value of this album is my emotions, which I hope will move the audience. During the recordings for the Next Level album, I got a taste for music, I focused on building interaction with my musicians – I’m sure that this joy and fun with the sound that accompanied us is audible from the first beat on this album. “

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