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Pieces of a Dream – Fired Up!

FiredUpPieces of a Dream are keyboardist James Lloyd and drummer Curtis Harmon. Connected for an incredible forty plus years, they were and are an beloved integral part of the smooth jazz community. Not at all aloof, they keep a direct line to their ever-growing fan base.

Meanwhile is the new project Fired Up! (2021) their 25th album and their fifth on the Shanachie Entertainment label. Despite the obstacles of the corona pandemic, the duo is able to record the album with the help of musician friends without any major problems. This is where the many years of routine become noticeable.

Both have written most tracks. Bass player David Dyson contributes a song with Gettin’ Through It. Further involved are Tony Watson Jr. (sax), Parker Lewis (trumpet), Chris Harris (guitar), Alexander Zonjic (flute), BK Jackson (sax), Justin Lee Schultz (piano), and Donald “Pup” Bolding (guitar).

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