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Will ‘P’ Lyte – Deja Vu 2.0

243006808_4155968124502203_475698659966423353_nWillie Polite aka Will P Lyte is a passionate musician performing music since his youth, during his military service and later in the creative arts ministry at Right Direction Church. Lyte EFX is his debut album offering a variety of grooves and rhythms (smooth jazz, Latin groove, West Indies rhythm, Funk and Go Go) from the heart of a percussionist. His sophomore album Smooth Jazz EFX is featuring Nigel Blanding, Darius Starks, Avery Brown, Timeka Smalls Tucker, Darin C. Ginyard, and more. His third album I Hear Music Everywhere is still on sale like his album Smooth Jazz EFX (Remix).

His newest project is Deja Vu 2.0 (2021). Stream this album on Amazon Music.