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Artur Baramgalin – My Seasons

a2810209690_16Summer, fall, winter, spring… For others it’s just the seasons, but producer Artur Bayramgalin, living in the city Ufa, regards the circuits of the years in a broader sense. After all, every season is a special time! In spring we wait for the first snowdrops and the renewal of nature with all its different shades of green and breathtakingly beautiful and lush blossoms. Summer is a time of joy and carefree fun. Autumn is an explosion of colors and subtle light melancholy… And, of course, winter is the time of fairy tales and magic! Those who are able to feel and cherish these beauties live for real.

With his album „My Seasons“ Artur Bayramgalin orchestrates the progression of the year in his very own way – accompanied by a number of highly skilled soloists this album is a true masterpiece of Lounge music with a touch of European and Asian folk and world music.

Get the album at bandcamp.