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Steve Trigg – Anew

AnewFrom as far back as Steve Trigg can remember, he has always had a strong connection and involvement with music. Originally from Saginaw, Michigan, he played drums in church as a young child into his teens and then from his mid teens He blessed him to gravitate to the piano/keyboards.  Steve’s mom helped create this musical monster. She saw the seed which was growing and did what she could to nurture it, care for it, and watch it grow.

God surrounded Steve with awesome people throughout his life who helped him, encouraged him, who guided him on his musical journey.  Through music, God has kept him from some of the perils of life. In some of his bad times, that musical gift kept sanity.  Through some of those rocky moments, He blessed Steve with some of the most beautiful songs and melodies.

All Steve wants to do is share this gift with all who will listen, and hope that it will bless you, and bring you as much joy as it brings him when he listens to the music He has allowed Steve to create. His newest project is aptly entitled Anew (2021). Stream it on all digital platforms.