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Hiroshima – 2020

240871448_389909516030600_3459868792147086096_nHiroshima is the only Asian band to receive a Grammy-nomination and they have two. Legacy featured songs from the first 10 years and celebrated the band’s 30 years in the industry. Departure, number 18 for the celebrated Hiroshima who has created it’s own voice. . . One of the most unique bands in the world, Hiroshima combines traditional Japanese instruments, including koto, taiko and shakuhachi with western instruments and harmony, embracing rhythms ranging from Jazz to Latin and R&B –a blend referred to by famed British producer Robin Millar as “Urban World Music.”

Hiroshima continues to bring west coast influences to world music, that transcend music boundaries. The band took its name from the Japanese city of Hiroshima, which sustained a nuclear blast during World War II. “Since we were born after all that, it’s our legacy to come up from the ashes,” Kuramoto said. After their latest album Songs With Words (2015), a live album the band returns with 2020.

The album is finally released in September 2021 and contains the singles “Someday Soon” and “Groove Latino”. Soon available on all major platforms. Physical copies are available on the band’s website.