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Arno Haas – Graffiti

GraffitiBlack-Forest-born Arno Haas released his debut album Magic Hands in 2013 receiving high accolades by critics. His sophomore album Back To You was released in 2015 on mochermusic.

Now he returns on the same label with his new album Graffiti (2021) feat. Bob Malach (Sax), Koh Mr Saxman (Sax), Jenni Tzu-Chi Tsai (Flute), Yasi Hofer (Guit), Alona Negrich (Vox), Felix Margenfeld (Cello), Simon Oslender (Keys), Rainer Scheithauer (Keys), Patrick Tompert (Keys), Christoph Neuhaus (Guit), Ralf Gugel (Guit), David Haynes (Drums), Stephan Schuchardt (Drums), Michael Kersting (Drums), Alvin Mills (Bass+Drums), Benni Jud (Bass), Jens Loh (Bass), Rhani Krija (Perc), Ruediger Ruf (Trp) and Ingo Mertens (Trb).

You can pre-order the album on Arno’s website.