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Rei Narita – The Color Of Soundscape 2021

236065007_4030790997019917_8682828886532376628_nJapanese pianist and composer Rei Narita is a constant and sustainable contributor to the smooth jazz genre. He made his debut with The Color of Soundscape in 2011, followed by The Color of Soundscape II (2015), Key Rei Cover (2017), and The Color of Soundscape 2020. His newest project is The Color of Soundscape 2021.

The album opens with the captivating Dancing on The Lunar Mare. As always, Rei’s light-handed playing on the piano, based on a brilliant mastery of the instrument, is admirable and finds its due place in his perfect arrangement. A jewel of smooth jazz.

With a contemporary beat and uplifting melody, Rei effectively captures the vibrant New York life on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the end, it doesn’t hold Rei back when the notes just bubble out of the keys. Virtuosity at its best.

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