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Trevor Gordon Hall – This Beautiful Chaos

ALBUM ART Trevor Gordon Hall - This Beautfiul ChaosTrevor Gordon Hall is a unique and pioneering voice on the international stage; a musical journeyman who speaks through his guitar and every sound that it’s capable of, rather than words. On top of a touring calendar that’s taken him through 17 countries and counting, his growing discography has amassed millions of listens and views through Spotify and YouTube, allowing his music to connect across borders and languages.

Rated a top 30 under 30 guitarist by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, he is widely recognized for his invention of the “kalimbatar” — a guitar that combines a customized African finger piano, called the kalimba — and has shared the stage with or drawn admiration from peers and guitar legends ranging from John Mayer and Steve Miller to Will Ackerman and Phil Keaggy. Whether it’s through his solo work, international touring, new collaborations or teaching students, he thrives on the discovery and lives for the possibility, and that’s what makes him such a thrilling artist to follow and grow old with in the years to come.

The album This Beautiful Chaos features 6 different guitars (Standard Acoustic, Baritone Acoustic, Nylon String, High Strung Guitar, Electric Guitar and Portuguese instrument named Viola Amarantina). This music is the culmination of so many experiences around the globe with concerts Trevor has played, people he has met, relationships he has forged, places he has visited, cultures he has explored, food he has eaten, and even more food that he has eaten, lessons he had learned, ideas he has read, music he has heard, and hours of solitude corralling them all into notes, chords and rhythms. Life is crazy and chaotic, but it is beautiful. We all need to be reminded of that from time to time.

The album is available is on all digital platforms. Physical copies are available at Trevor’s website.