Juan Carlos Mendoza – Life Has Changed

life20has20changedSpanish guitarist Juan Carlos Mendoza has already released the albums Mediterranova (2005) and Thanks To Life (2014). Now he returns with his third album Life Has Changed (2021). The title of the album refers to the isolation during the pandemic that Juan Carlos had to endure for three months, the new beginning with the production of his album and the energetic support of musician friends who helped him finish it.

His music has taken him out of the valley and to new heights. Always in the certainty that the preservation of health is more important than income or a good place in the charts. During the record production he has experienced true friendship among musicians and enthusiasm for his project. An album dedicated to smooth jazz.

The musicians involved are partly from America and partly from Spain as can be seen from the credits. The album opens with the title song, a concentrated accumulation of harmony brought to the listener by different instruments in melodious packaging. Above all acoustically perceptible are Juan Carlos‘ sonorous bass and Adam Hawley’s excellent guitar.

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