Dan Siegel – Faraway Place

Dan-Siegel-Faraway-PlaceEach musician has a different approach to dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. Common to many is Dan Siegel‘s concept of recording a new album while stopping all performances. Siegel’s 22nd recording is Faraway Place scheduled for release July 31, 2021.

Most parts of the album were recorded by the musicians in their respective home studios. However, the rhythmic foundations were laid by drumming legends Steve Gadd and Vinnie Colaiuta at East West Studios in LA. From the credits you can see the numerous jazz greats who have contributed to this project.

The title of the album illustrates the unreality of the situation and the difficulty of processing it psychologically. After all, for our generation, this form of pandemic and its drastic accompanying circumstances is something completely new that needs to be overcome with. Isn’t it gratifying then to be able to hold on to music that brings familiar things back to you. With Old School, Dan Siegel takes us again to safe ground.

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