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Mark Jaimes – Hear At Last

HearAtLast_Two people have significantly influenced the musical life of British guitarist Mark Jaimes. One was the lead singer of the group Simply Red Mick Hucknal, with whom he toured for several years as a guitarist and also recorded various records. The second was the legendary producer, songwriter and musician Rod Temperton, with whom he had made first contacts before the latter prematurely departed from artistic life.

He met a variety of smooth jazz musicians as the house guitarist at Pizza Express, whose respective performances he ably supported. It was radio DJ and promoter Jimi King who motivated him to finally start a solo career. It was the Corona crisis that ultimately gave him the time to realize this project at last.

Hear At Last will be released this month. Mark has written most of the tracks, one with Oli Silk and two with Danny Saxon. The album also contains a cover of a famous Rod Temperton track. Mark performs on the album guitar, bass and programming. Further musicians are Danny Saxon (keyboards, backing vocals, programming), Oli Silk (keyboards), Westley Joseph and Oscar Seaton (drums), Dwayne “Smitty” Smith (bass) and Patti Austin (vocals).

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