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Didier Labossiere – Soarin’

didier_labossiere_soarinDidier Labossiere was born on November 18th, 1973 in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Miami, Florida. The son of Haitian immigrants, Didier’s heritage is deeply rooted into his music, from the jazz sounds of Chicago to the Caribbean and Latin sounds of Miami, which had a major influence on his musical development. Didier fell in love with music at the age of six. He began his music education in high school under his mentors Ralph D’ Ovidio and Ed Manina at North Miami Senior High. After high school Didier continue to perfect his craft and study under many musicians such as Gary Keller, Richi Perri, Neal Bosanti, Mike Rossi and Randy Emerick.

Soon after, Didier began his professional career with the cultural group Koleksyon Kazak, a Haitian roots band that blended Jazz with traditional Haitian country music. An aficionado of diverse sounds and styles, Didier has played with bands that range from Bebop, Jazz, Urban, Tribal Funk and R&B with various bands such as the Jazz Five, The John Chapman Jazz Ensemble, The Baboons, Drummer Duffy Jackson and Joey Gilmore. Didier also was the lead and front man of his own band called D-Jazz Funk. Throughout his career Didier has had the opportunity to perform with the legend David Lee Roth of Van Helen, the world renown organist Dr. Lonnie Smith, and Mike Longo of the Dizzy Gillespie Band. Didier has been with the Valerie Tyson Band for 17 years and is currently the musical director of the band.

His debut album is Soarin’ which was recorded in 2021. Stream it on all digital platforms.