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Tony Saunders – All About Love

all-about-love-1Tony Saunders’ musical journey has continued on through today. He has played and recorded with an astounding list of great musical talents, including Eric Clapton, David Crosby, Joe Sample, Chaka Khan, Ringo Starr, Bo Diddley, The Hawkins Family, and many others. “This just touches the edge of who I have been blessed to play with,” says Saunders. Tony has played on hundreds of albums, won two Emmy Awards for soundtracks, written award winning movie scores and commercial jingles. Tony continues to record his own projects and produces for an impressive list of talent at his state of the art Northern California studio.

All About Love is the new CD by Tony Saunders. It features 14 songs that are All About Love. From the opening song Forever Yours to the last song, All About Love Tony takes you on a journey as he masterfully plays the bass in a romantic way. I Romance The Bass as I Romance Life and these songs prove it. Working with Gail Jhonson and Paul Jackson Jr Saunders keeps the groove going and the songs make you want to be in love all over again. Magic Mendez produces another great Whispers song. Greg Manning, Blake Aaron, Jazmin Ghent, and Adam Hawley all superstars in the smooth Jazz world add their touches to make this CD a winner!

Buy the album in Tony Saunders’ store.