Brian Simpson – All That Matters

193746406_3833975360034816_5705152487936156656_nIt’s time to look at Brian Simpson’s previous releases. His solo albums Closer Still (1995), It’s All Good (2005), Above The Clouds (2006), South Beach (2010), Just What You Need (2013), Persuasion (2016) And Something About You (2018) have been instrumental in shaping the face of smooth jazz. With All That Matters (2021), he adds another piece to the mosaic.

The pandemic gave Brian an opportunity to break away from the daily grind and internalize what was actually important to him. Thus, the album title is also the result and quintessence of his own reflections. One’s own family plays a major role in it, as does music, of course.

Brian plays piano and keyboards as usual on his new album, but also likes to take cues from other keyboardists like Nicholas Cole and Oliver Wendell. Label mate Steve Oliver contributes some musical ideas. Brian has won for his project excellent studio musicians such as Michael White (drums), Alex Al (bass), Ray Fuller (guitar), Brian Kilgore (percussion), Najee (flute), Steve Alanis (sax), Ron King (trumpet), Roberto Vally (bass), Tony Moore (drums), Yarone Levy (guitar), Dwayne “Smitty” Smith (bass), and Jim Pisano (tenor sax).

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