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Tom Braxton – Lookin’ Up

lookinupDynamic…Energetic…Charismatic…Warm-hearted…These are just a few adjectives that have been used to describe saxophonist Tom Braxton, whose distinct, melodic sound has been thrilling audiences of all ages from coast to coast and abroad for nearly two decades. This versatile instrumentalist and gifted composer is a seasoned performer who has the amazing ability to “grab the heart-strings” of the audience within the first few minutes of his show; engage them with his exceptional skill, wit, and charm; and leave them astounded, clapping, and on their feet screaming for more! This native Texan has recorded nine albums including The Other Side (2016 Sanae/Braxton collaboration), The Next Chapter (2014), Endless Highway (2009), and Imagine This (2007) on the Pacific Coast Jazz label and Bounce (2005) on the Rendezvous label.

Lookin’ Up showcases saxophonist Tom Braxton’s signature originals such as the hit single “Hope for Tomorrow” a duet with the legendary Bob James, and the upbeat and funky “J Factor”. Tom’s unique arrangement of the Beatles classic “Eleanor Rigby” is mesmerizing and the playful, “Joyful Dance” featuring the sounds of Africa, is sure to get you up on your feet. This collection of brand new music from Tom Braxton will definitely uplift your spirit! The album comes out on August 6th!

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