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Stuart Steinhart – It’s About Time

a2076572480_16Born and Raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a musician since the age of 7 Stuart Steinhart has studied bass, guitar, piano, vocals, percussion, violin and string bass, furthermore composition, engineering, and music production, music pedagogy, music history, and musicology, history, theology, philosophy and spirituality. He has been performing in concerts and competitions from the age of 11.

Forget this bio and just familiarize yourself with the fact that he has a new album out this month. He comments: “In honor of my 40th anniversary of leaving Canada to study music in Hollyweird in LaLa land, California, USA and start the next stage of this life long journey of Music, Back on June 14 1981, In Dec 2020 (20=20=40) I composed 12 tunes in 12 day’s in the 12th month of the year. One for each month of the year, hour on the clock and note in a chromatic scale. I Chose 7 compositions of the 12 one for each day of the week and note in a diatonic scale. Over the last 6 months of production (1/2 a year ) this is the result.” Understand? If not, it doesn’t matter.

Just find his album It’s About Time at bandcamp.