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Ronny Smith – Coastal Sunset

71+AdFroeaS._SX522_Baltimore based jazz guitarist Ronny Smith has chosen the 20th century as his field of activity. His discography includes the albums Long Time Comin (2001), Laid Back (2002), Got Groove (2006), Simply Stated (2007), Just Groovin (2009), Can’t Stop Now (2013), and Shake It Up (2017). His next album Raise The Roof was released on January 27, 2020.

Now he returns with his new album Coastal Sunset (2021). Ronny performs on his new album Coastal Sunset guitar, bass guitar and keys programming. He has written all tracks, which gives a clear hint about his subtle creativity. Whether you like it trendy and modern, funkalicious, Latin tinged, or the mellifluous, Ronny revels an array of colors, moods and textures that builds an appealing makeup of attractive instrumentation. Ronny’s tracks almost seem like they give listeners a beach-front view of calmly rolling azure-hued riffs clinging loosely to the shoreline while caressed by the leisurely movements of the wind.

Coastal Sunset, the title cut features John Rekevics on sax and flutes, String Of Hearts, horn players Richard Sherrington (Trombone), Justin Powell (Trumpet), Umcolisi Terrel (Sax ) provide the sinuous riffs while Smith’s leisurely strolls veer them in the listener’s direction and For You, a song written for his parents, featuring Joseph Patrick Moore (Fretless Bass). Coastal Sunset is the perfect way to become acquainted with Ronny Smith’s special vibe. It is due out on June 18th and comes highly recommended.

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