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André Kunz – Sweet Soul

sweetsoulWell-known in Swiss music circles as a guitarist in various formations, André Kunz‘s aim is to make his name heard around the world. Although stylistically his home is jazz, he feels comfortable in other musical art forms as well.

What better way to express that than with your own solo album. Produced over three years, he expressed his ideas in fourteen compositions. In the process, he has invited musicians from all over the world to his recordings. The names of the musicians are listed in the credits. This impressive number of musicians is possible only because of the Internet, especially in the conditions of the currently existing pandemic.

Opener of the album is Mallorca, a piece about the Spanish dream island of many Europeans. A fresh sea breeze of unadulterated music, with the central theme interpreted by Dan Boissy on saxophone and beautifully underpinned by Kriz Flew on trumpet and flugelhorn.

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