Dean Grech – Back In Time

CS5119886-02A-BIGDean Grech has played guitar from the age of 8, and became a professional musician at age 11. Dean’s guitar playing is reminiscent of Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall and Johnny Smith, blended with the more modern sounds of Peter White and Norman Brown. Vocally, he has captured the essence of Kenny Rankin, with a taste of Michael Buble, and the soulfulness of Bill Withers.

Chris Mann wrote about his debut album Look Out: “What have we heard then? A great guitar tone, turned to blues, funk and varying shades of jazz. We’ve heard some clever songwriting and some confident and hip-sounding vocals. The production is classy too – there is no point where it feels like “hey, I’m gonna make a guitar-players album”. This record is for everybody – it’s going to make a lot of friends.”

With his latest album “Back in Time”, Dean Grech has rendered the sounds and styles we’ve come to know since the genre of smooth jazz evolved from the school of “cool jazz” of the 1950s. With a host of LA’s best session players, Grech provides his audience with a variety of arrangements that speak of their own story.  Grech has crafted all his major influences into one album. Grech has also included a Bob Dylan tune, “All Along the Watchtower” and a John Lennon / Paul McCartney tune “All my Loving,” that was released as a single in April by Innervision Records and has received recognition worldwide (The Sundial Agency).

Back In Time is available here.

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