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Evan Carydakis – Groove House

groove-house-album-cover-web-1536x1536Evan Carydakis is an acclaimed Jazz saxophonist, residing in Tasmania. Born in Melbourne Victoria, Evan first picked up the saxophone at the age of 15. Initially inspired by Branford Marsalis’s ‘Royal garden Blues’, it was his family’s influence and love of all music that set Evan on his stylistic journey. And along the way, Evan has been lucky enough to learn from some of the greats including Joe Viola, Jerry Bergonzi and Lee Konitz, but above all else Evan holds his time with legendary jazz educator Charlie Banacos as “the most influential” on his instrumental ability.

A five-time grant recipient and sought-after festival performer, Evan continues to share his love for Jazz with the greater community. His new album Groove House (2021) is a fiery, funky, hard-edged yet ultra-melodic and at times balmy and exotic romp that celebrates his family in a variety of ways. Co-written and produced by Evan’s twin brother Stephan and co-produced by long time friend Peter Kechayas, the collection is an homage to the work ethic and selfless love of their parents, who made their successful careers possible.

This EP is available on all digital platforms.