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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Tongue & Groove

179573600_4297130203644445_6071229986243017233_nWhile Denver Colorado born trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach‘s album Open Invitation (2014) is settled in the smooth jazz genre, his albums MidCentury Modern Volume 1 (2018) and MidCentury Modern Volume 2 (2019) are walking the jazz way. With Tongue & Groove (2021) Gabriel Mark returns to the smooth jazz realm again.

He explains the title as follows: “The title is at minimum a double entendre. In woodworking, tongue and groove refers to interlocking, smooth and seamless assembly or construction, and trumpeters tongue their notes, and in my case, also nail the groove.”

Gabriel performs on the new album flugelhorn, trumpet, flutes, and percussion. Mainstay are Daniel Seguin (alto and tenor sax, keys, bass, drum programming), Tony Moore (drums) and Tony Seville (percussion). Further guest musicians on selected tracks are Bob Baldwin (keys, programming), Paul Brown (guitar), Brian Hughes (guitar), Chris Standring (guitar), Grant Geissman (guitar), Miles Black (piano, organ, bass), Rossi Tzonkov (electric bass), Kat Hendricks (drums), and Jeffrey Holl (guitar, keys).

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