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Roberto Restuccia – With Every Turn

WithEveryTurnUK based guitarist Roberto Restuccia always had a special affinity for the smooth jazz genre. Neither his debut album Exposure (2016) nor his sophomore album When The Smoke Clears (2017) hit exactly the decisive point that led to the initial ignition. With his third album With Every Turn (2021) Roberto fires the third rocket stage of his career in his sights the top ten of the smooth jazz charts.

The contact with keyboardist and current label mate Oli Silk turned out to be great luck. Based on many years of experience as a musician and producer in the field of smooth jazz, Oli brought exactly the perfect input to give Roberto’s music a push in the right direction.

Roberto states: “The right production makes the difference between a song that’s nice and one that can light up the charts and get people grooving when they hear it on the radio. I knew I needed to step up my production game, and once we started working together, I knew that Oli and I would have a solid partnership that could take my music to the next level.”

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