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The Groove Project – Volume 2: The Winds of Change

169099750_505906207482670_790366507902813498_nThe Groove Project was formed in Los Angeles, California as a 14-piece group by GRAMMY® Award nominated Artist & Producer Arun Shenoy in 2016. The original lineup released a debut concept jazz-funk album titled A Stagey Bank Affair in the same year. The group has since grown into an international super-band with the lineup shuffled in 2019 by Shenoy into an 8-piece group. Only Shenoy from the original lineup remain on the current roster.

After releasing a series of singles, the band released their second album on June 26, 2020. Titled Volume 1: Flights Of Fantasy, the music is a smooth jazz concept album about man’s fascination with flight. Having recently emerged from a hole in the ice of himself imposed hibernation, they are happy to announce the upcoming release of the new album by the band. Titled, Volume 2: The Winds of Change, this concept album features a star-studded guest roster of rock / jazz pianists who have been a big part of my formative years musically. 11 songs, 11 live music videos, and a whole ton of artwork. For their label’s official submission for this season’s GRAMMY awards, they will start to release a few singles in the coming days followed by the drop of the full album soon after.