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Scam Likely – Somebody Tell Joe

81yjN0GQzQL._SS500_It’s the personal secret of this artist that he has chosen as artist name Scam Likely. Scam Likely is for example a scam-artist and character in Dungeons and Daddies. When this term appears on your phone display, this is the alert of a potential robocalling scam.

Scam Likely presents himself as a non-visionary, a number who’s main purpose is to exist. No real identification, nor demeanor. Aloof nature, and is often bothersome. Unidentifiable due to non-existence. Non creative, unmotivated, cultivated by nothingness, and exists only in conjecture, where the ideology of him is formed. Bleak in nature, desolate barren mind. Residence is The Void. A non-prophet, SL often commutes and travels in unconventional thought; sole purpose is Void. Lives, bathes, breathes, speaks nothingness. SL is Void of a meaning, non-gendered, and expresses non-emotive value through rhythmic prose.

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