Knick Smith – Romance

romanceNick Smith has been playing music almost his whole life. The exact age that he began playing the piano is unknown, but it was before he was two. His mother thought his oldest brother had been playing the piano, but he told her that Nick had been playing. She did not believe until Nick climbed back up on the piano bench and began to play “The Work Song,” by Cannonball Adderley.

Nick Smith, well known as a Jazz Pianist, is also skilled at several other musical genres including Latin, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, and Country. His imposing talent in diverse musical environments reflects Nick’s passion for excellence and his mastery of all aspects of his craft, from performing to composing to producing. Nick is devoted to providing performances that adhere to the correct form of the composition with persistently lyrical, stratospheric comping.

His new album is Romance. You can find it on iTunes.

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