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Michal Urbaniak – Sax Love (Vol.1)

Valentine’s Day is coming up. An excellent gift will be an album with beautiful music. Michal Urbaniak – Sax Love (Volume 1) – this is a set of lyrical love recordings. This time Michal returned to his favorite tenor saxophone, making the compositions very moody, perfect for lovers. In 2006, CD ′′ Sax Love ′′ was released for the first time – then in a million-dollar effort, together with Gazeta Wyborcza. Urbaniak’s music fans wrote emails and letters. They thanked for the record, told how their feeling blossomed with this music. They asked when the record will be available at the store. Michal fulfilled their wish and offers since 2020 the album Sax Love (Vol.1) at his shop.

And the best one at last, he returns February 2021 with his new album Sax Love (Vol. 2). His shop will be hopefully updated soon.

You get the CD here.