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Vincent Ioia – No Time Like Now

Vincent Ioia’s emergence onto the urban jazz scene with his explosive and infectious track “First Time” – the lead single from the New York based saxophonist’s album No Time Like Now – is testament to the healing power of music and a reminder that, once an artist’s passion takes root, his dreams can only be set aside for so long. For many musicians as talented and versatile as Vincent, finally finding time to devote to launching a career not only as a professional musician but a bonafide artist after a 30 year career as an Information Technology professional and C-level executive on Wall Street would be the compelling story all by itself – especially considering the contemporary jazz powerhouses he’s now working with.  Ioia, who began playing guitar and sax in his mid-teens, is collaborating on No Time Like Now with Ricky Peterson, Gerey Johnson and, Bill Heller.

Now, almost 8 years after much troubles and 6 years after his first album No Time Like Now, Vincent is back writing, playing and in the studio again.  “COVID has afforded me an opportunity to focus on my music once again and you will be seeing some great music coming out soon including my newest release, A Self Portrait.

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