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Lincoln Adler – Tabula Rasa

Since my review about Lincoln Adler’s album Grateful ten years have passed. A period that changes people and sometimes also their music. Of course, one cannot shed one’s past like a cloak. Experiences, abilities, influences, origins continue to shape you. But one can try to renew oneself. In case of saxophonist Lincoln Adler, this attempt is called Tabula Rasa.

The Latin expression tabula rasa (tabula “board” and rasa “scraped”, radere “scraped”) originally referred to a wax-covered writing board that was smoothed by scraping off the writing and can be rewritten like a blank sheet of paper. Figuratively, it means clearing the air and starting from scratch.

Lincoln Adler ventures a new beginning with a fresh band consisting of Erik Jekabson (trumpet, flugelhorn), Mike Blankenship (keyboards), Scott Thompson (bass) and Aaron Green (drums). Tabula Rasa is a digital EP with five tracks, all written and arranged by Lincoln with the except of the cover Red Clay.

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